February 22, 2022 2 min read

Flying a flag is a perfect way to increase the appeal of your business and show pride in your country. The flagpole, though, can make or break that appeal. A few tips to identifying a good quality flagpole will help you in your search. The right flagpole will be sleek, sturdy, and resistant to weather changes. Follow these three pointers to find the right pole.

Overall Height

Perhaps you think bigger is better when it comes to proudly waving your flag. However, it’s best to look up your city’s codes and regulations to see if there’s a maximum height allowed. Measure the radius around where you want to place your flagpole. If it falls over, you must ensure that it doesn’t hit power lines or fall into traffic.

You’ll also want to think about where you’ll be placing your flagpole. A too-tall pole right out front can overwhelm your building and make the exterior look awkward.

Halyard Location

The halyard is the rope you use to hoist your flag, located either on the outside or the interior of the pole. External halyards are popular due to their ease of use and economic efficiency.

However, many commercial flagpoles use an internal halyard system. These poles cost a little bit more due to the extra hardware on the inside, but they provide more security and a sleeker aesthetic.

Materials Used

The material you want in your flagpole depends partially on where you do business. Are you in an area that regularly sees high winds? Fiberglass flagpoles hold up well to windy conditions and are often used in areas near the coastline.

Aluminum is the other most popular material used for flagpoles. It’s strong, sleek, and surprisingly lightweight while still substantially tough. Businesses often use aluminum flagpoles for their flags due to their combination of heft and efficiency.

When picking out a flagpole, you’ll want to think about where you’ll plant it and how tall you want it to be, but think about the pole itself, too. With these tips to identifying a good quality flagpole, you’ll be sure to choose one that fits right in with your business.

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