October 25, 2019 2 min read

This year, promise yourself to be a more proactive, vocal and patriotic member of society. Start with your home because it’s the perfect time to get up and transform your space to reflect who you are. This means no more random décor and furniture that you barely need to invade your space.

This year, commit to making your home yours in every sense of the word. Set things up how you want and let it truly represent the things you love. Transform your house with a few small changes and additions such as:

Deep clean your home

Deep clean everything! Go room by room, get to the roof, get to the closets, pantry, storage spaces, roof, yard—we mean everything. It’s the best way to start off the year because a few hours of hard labor make for a clean home and opens up space in the long run.

If the cold gets in the way, it’s okay to slow down but spring cleaning indoors doesn’t need to wait until spring! Scrub your floors, wipe away the dust and mop your tiles. It’ll all be worth it when you’re done.

Express your passions more openly

It’s important to embrace who you are and let that come through in your home. If you love your country, why wait till the 4th of July, Memorial Day or other major holidays during the year to show it? You can buy national flags and find flag poles for sale from our website and set them up in your yard. Don’t hold back from making your home a representation of your interests and passions and things that make you proud!

Purge yourself of the things you no longer need

As part of the cleaning and transformation process, begin purging your space too. It’s hard to part with your belongings but you don’t even realize how much you accumulate over time. Remove the things that no longer hold meaning to you and make space for those things that do. For instance, you can get rid of the old band posters in your home, and put up things that matter, like your national or state flag. This will remind you every day that your country is your pride!

Make responsible choices as a proud citizen

As a responsible citizen of not only the United States of America, but also the world, you should also switch to greener alternatives such as solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, better insulation, and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Bring nature into your home; add houseplants to your living room, offices, bedrooms, and kitchens. Low-maintenance plants that can add a touch of color, purify the air and uplift your mood. You can also purchase solar-powered flagpole lights from our website for some sustainable, ethical expressions of your patriotism.

Your home is yours so be proud of it! Transformations don’t need to be major—they just need to make you happy!

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Nice pole

The one piece pole is great. Should last. The freight company was the only thing that sucked on this purchase

Great product

We ordered the 25ft commercial sectional flagpole and light topper for our lake association. The product arrived quickly and was packaged so as not to be damaged in transit. We followed the directions and the flag was being raised in no time!!! I would definitely recommend this flagpole, and solar light is REALLY bright!!!

Our pole didn’t come with a external halyard rope.

High-quality flagpole, outstanding customer service

This is a strong, beautiful flagpole. As another reviewer advised, do not underestimate the manpower needed to hoist this flagpole. Four strong persons are needed, and more would be better. The instructions for the foundation are well-written. I used approximately 1.5 cubic yards of concrete.
For reference of the pole:flag ratio, the 35' pole pictured here has (1) 5'x8' flag, and (2) 4'x6' flags, spaced 6" apart.

Large Flag and Pole

Still waiting for delivery. This flag pole has been paid in full and no
site of flag pole or flag.
We did receive the Eagle, but nothing else.
Not happy.
Was over 4000.00.

Where is our flag and flag pole?
I have called 2 times and each time they said it should be here at the
end of each week and that was 3 weeks ago.

Stan & Susan Vessey