November 25, 2019 2 min read

Our troops do so much for us. They risk their lives, put their families, lives and other commitments on hold to do their duty, and spend years away from their homes. They stand on the frontlines day after day, fighting to keep our country safe.

We can’t even understand how much they go through—from their training to their actual postings. The things their families experience, knowing their loved ones will be gone for months, years or even forever. Every citizen in this country is indebted to our troops for being able to live a safe and fulfilling life, knowing they’re in good hands.

If you’d like to express your gratitude and extend your support to our brave soldiers, you can do so in several ways.

1. Donate to an organization supporting them

Organizations like the USO support our troops through collecting donations and much more. You can always contribute to their efforts through monetary support. They’ve been helping troops and their families for over 75 years!

2. Contribute to or send out care packages

If you’d rather do something else, care packages are always a great idea! You can pitch in and create your own packages, looking at things they need most, including sanitary products for the women deployed. Or you can donate to organizations that arrange these anyway.

3. Support organizations working on therapy and rehabilitation

The mental and emotional trauma of battle can also cause scars that take years to recover from. It’s difficult to move back home and transition into civilian life and even more so when you’re battling demons. For that purpose, it’s essential to have programs that facilitate this move. Contribute toward therapy and rehabilitation of our troops and welcome them home in the best way possible!

4. Put up flags and show your pride

Show your unwavering support for our brave fighters by putting up national flags in your home or workplaces. You can get a 25 ft. residential flagpole or a commercial flagpole for your office, store or public places so people, especially troops, will know there are people out there who stand for them.

5. Donate toward their families

Invite their families and loved ones to share a meal. Support their kids through college and education funds, toys, memorabilia. A lot of them struggle to get meals on the table and a little help can go a long way. You can also contribute toward helping them reach out to their deployed family members through your donations.

Every effort counts so do your best to extend your support to them!

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