6 Flags that Push the Boundaries of Flag Design

October 17, 2018 3 min read

Ever imagined seeing a spherical cloth with an abstract print called a flag? Here is a collection that is not going to shock you any less!

There is as wide a diversity in flag designs as in countries mapped onto the globe.

National flags are totemic symbols of nationalism and national values. However, some countries like to twist up this definition to come up with flag designs that defy convention yet preserve aesthetics.

While national flags are traditionally quadrilateral in shape and consist of designs that are symmetrical with balanced color tones, there are some which are anomalous in the range.

Here are examples of a few flags that prove that it is possible to innovate designs boldly while keeping their messages intact.

  • Sicily

Sicilian is not only an intriguing flavor in pizzas but is also an equally enchanting design in flags. In the shape of a rotationally symmetrical triskelion, there are three legs pivoted to a human face at the center.

A rectangular background diagonally divided into plain yellow and red offers a contrasting backdrop to this eye-catching icon in the middle. The three legs represent three corners of the island and this way the design correlates with the geography of Sicily. First adopted in 1282, this design is a precedent for a similar Isle of Man’s flag.

  • West Africa

The West African flag is attributed to the Benin Empire and is currently preserved as one of the four flags in National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, UK. Arising from certain conflicts about its source of origin, this flag too bears an interesting design.

Apart from the design which speaks for its complexity, the bold red base is enough to catch attention. Drawn on a red background are too figures apparently engaged in combat where one beheads the other with a sword.

  • Friesland

The flag of this Dutch province consists of four blue and three white stripes printed diagonally across the rectangular base. On the white patches are a total of seven red pompebleden: leaves of the yellow water-lily flower, which can be mistaken for hearts.

It is said that the seven pompebledens are representative of the seven independent regions or “sea countries” along the coast which allied against the Vikings: sân seelannen

  • Nepal

The flag of Nepal is probably the most unique in shape because it is the only flag in the world which is not a conventional quadrilateral. But why the two pennons?

The unconventional style that Nepalese flag adopts is symbolic of the Himalayan mountains. The blue border stands as a declaration of peace while the crimson-red is the color of Nepal’s national flower: rhododendron.

The celestial bodies seen are also part of the design that probably symbolize long life for the nation.

  • Guam

The flag of Guam, one of the U.S. territories, was adopted in 1948. It is perhaps one of its kind because not many flags are seen stating the name of the country they belong to in the design. Lined with red, the flag has deep blue as its base color with the coat of arms placed right at the center. It is an almond-shaped design with a proa sailing to Agana Bay joined by Hagåtña River and the word “Guam” highlighted in red. This is known as the Guam seal which dates back to 1917.

  • Mozambique

This flag bears the unique design including a modern rifle in it. The AK-47 is representative of defense against civil war that beset the country for about ten years. But what catches the eye is not just the weapon, but the contrast it creates with the book and the hoe on top of the five-point star of Marxism.

The presence of the rifle on top of a triangle against the background of green, black and yellow stripes is still controversial as many want it removed because of its violent connotations which defeat the purpose of its presence.

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