Be Creative with Custom Printed Flags to Catch People’s Eyes

October 01, 2015 2 min read

Flags are testaments to a group’s spirit, character, history, and pride. From the dawn of civilization, they have played a major role in inspiring and kindling the passion of the loyal followers of the bodies they represent. May it be the people of a nation, or the fans of a local football team – a home flag never fails to cheer their spirit.

But creating flags that are representative of the body’s character and motto is no simple task. It begins with condensing all the inputs from various resources and selecting the best symbolic representation that fits all the requirements.

Then comes the designing part where the flag will be created virtually after deciding upon various factors such as color, size, shape, etc, and then finally the actual production of the flags using the various methods available such as digital printing, screen printing, and sewing. So creating Custom Printed Flags doesn’t just take time but a lot of skill as well, and that’s exactly where a professional can be indispensable. Here’s why.

Design and customization done right

When creating something that will be looked upon by people for generations, perfection is everything. From the background color, to the size of the elements, to the selection of fonts to be included everything matters. While no doubt you will be able to do it eventually, a professional designer can get it done right at the first try, saving a lot of time and unnecessary embarrassing moments as well.

Also, a designer can work interactively guiding you on selecting the most appropriate symbol, helping out on the various colors that can be included, instruct you on which symbol to use on which occasion and so on, ensuring the best outcome.

Digital printing – a whole new era in flag making

While age old methods like sewing and screen printing are still in play, they rarely find use in mass production as digital printing does. The minimal setup times and cost, the ease of printing, and unprecedented quality – all make digital printing ideal for producing customized flags fast and easy. Also digital printing facilitates direct conversion from a virtual image to a complete printed flag in a matter of minutes. So any changes or customizations can be realized instantaneously.

Also digital printing allows a variety of substrates to be used other than the traditional cloth and canvas. New age materials like Nylon, vinyl, polyesters, and coated fabric can be utilized that have a longer life time and a better color emission spectrum. Also a variety of inks and technically an infinite range of colors can be utilized in digital flag printing as well.

Whether you’re creating a bright and gleaming sports team flag, or simple and sturdy everyday pole flags, digital printing methods ensure accurate output. And the boundary definition between symbols and logos are clearer with the digital printing method.

So go ahead, design your own customized flag professionally, get it digital printed within hours and let it fly high on your front lawn inspiring and motivating your fellow neighbors, Americans, or football buddies. 

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