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September 16, 2015 1 min read

Federal Flags continues to build on its long track record of delighting customers with incredible service and extremely competitive prices. Products like commercial flag poles, American flags, custom printed flags and light pole banners remain customer favorites.

What we frequently hear from our customers is, 'Wow! I called and a human being actually answered the phone! You're the first commercial flagpole company that I've been able to get through to!"

Customer service has become a rarity in online businesses these days. It seems that the trend is toward self service for everything. More and more, you simply can't find an actual human being to talk to. But at Federal Flags, we understand that buying a complex product like a commercial flagpole often takes more than a self-service approach. There are a great many factors to consider when making a purchase like this. So it is our pleasure to assist our customers in getting it right - at no additional cost.

We've amassed quite a record of positive ratings from third-party websites that accept ratings only from real, verified customers. Here three that showcase our focus on customer service and high quality flagpoles made in the USA:



Helping to keep the American flag highly visible, floating majestically at the top of a beautiful commercial flagpole is a labor of love for us. We thank our customers for their part in erecting these poles and flying the red, white and blue!

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Eagle topper

Got my Eagle flagpole topper in very good time. It looks great and I have had many complements on it. Thank you.

Help please.

I sent the two pirate flags to friends. They loved it. One of them wants a larger American flag to fly on the same flag poll. “ Must be Larger” and the same or better quality. What do you recommend? Tim

tips for flags.

Because we live in a windy area, I do a zig-zag stich over all the fold edges. It helps greatly to increase the length before fraying.. The Flags are beautiful and with that tip, last quite awhile.

Excellent Product

Our company is very please with this product . The balls were mounted on flags on one of Trinidad Gov't building .thank you Fereral Flags , will definately recommend and purchase again


Great Quality, Great Customer Service

I ordered the 5x8 2 ply polyester flag and am very satisfied with the quality. It is heavy duty and, indeed, the colors are deep and rich as described. I am also very happy with the customer service department. I contacted them to inquire about the weight of the flag and was impressed at their quick response and advice. I received the flag sooner than anticipated. The flag is heavier than most and requires a bigger wind to fly; however, that is not an issue for me since my flagpole is exposed to a wide-open area. I wish it had 3 grommets as opposed to two, but that would not prevent me from purchasing it again in the future.