Decorate Your Home with Most Versatile Residential Flagpoles

October 06, 2015 2 min read

Without a doubt, flagpoles are the best outdoor decoration a residential household can have. From hoisting national flags, team flags, organization flags, way markers and even sign boards, flagpoles find a number of uses. And flagpoles are available in all sizes making them quite versatile to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Most commercially available flagpoles come with a stationary base that can be easily removed and refitted with simple tools. So setting up flagpoles are just as easy as getting them too. Or if you already have a base in place, you can simple insert the flag pole into the socket of the base.

Flagpole dimensions

Most general flag poles have a fixed height setting which generally ranges between 15 and 30 ft. But flagpoles are also available with a telescopic design that allows them to be resized to several different height, making them easier to install and erect and also be adjusted according to the environment.

Telescopic designs can be easily installed and can be reduced in height when windy weather is expected. The fixed designs are more rigid but are still, relatively easy to install. The flagpoles have a butt diameter that generally ranges from two to four inches. Butt diameter is an important determinant of flagpole strength. The larger the butt, the stronger the pole.

Flagpole materials

The most common material used for residential flagpoles is the 6063 aluminum alloy that has a brushed satin finish. The aluminum alloy is generally heat treated to improve rigidity and smooth finished to 80 grit satin finish. The major advantage of aluminum flagpoles over other materials, besides the weight reduction, is the maintenance free aspect and the true metallic finish that can be obtained with them.

Aluminum does not corrode with time, and can be hard anodized to even obtain various finishes, including bronze, black and white. These finishes do not require painting or maintenance.

An alternative to aluminum is steel, which weighs a bit more than aluminum flagpoles but is much sturdy and can withstand extreme windy conditions without severe damage. But steel flagpoles require more maintenance and are quite heavy to move around and erect.

Fiberglass flagpoles are also gaining momentum and offer some advantages over other flagpole materials. They are much cheaper than their metal counterparts, longer lasting, and sturdy and can also be custom ordered to any size. The only drawback is they are generally available in white and metallic finish does not work with them.

Flagpole attachments

All flagpoles come with necessary attachments such as the decorative ball top, rotating truck assembly, braided nylon halyards, cast bronze snaps with chrome coating, mountings for the cleat, pulley assemblies and other fastening components. The decorative ball top can be obtained in a variety of materials and variety of shapes as well.

Commonly available finishes include silver or gold anodized aluminum. Also, apart from the regular round shape other shapes such as a spear or eagle can also be obtained. So buy your own personal flagpole, customize it with the best materials and let the colors fly high! 

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