Fabulous Flagpoles for Sale to Hoist Your Brand High

October 30, 2015 2 min read

Flagpoles are a great way of hoisting your custom logo flag and letting people know where you are located. Schools, government installations, and corporate entities use flagpoles as a way of enhancing their brand and letting people know where they are located and what they stand for.

Any patriotic citizen will feel proud when they walk into a government office or institution and see their national flag proudly displayed. The same can be said about corporate owners and customers. You can find there are different types of flagpoles, which will suit your propose and budget.

There are several types of flagpoles and here are a few of them:

Commercial grade aluminum flagpoles

These are made of durable aluminum and come in a variety of finishes. You can have them in anodized white, black, bronze, and satin colors. These are the best colors which will not take any attention away from the flag, which is what you want people to notice most. All commercial flagpoles for sale are have a wind speed rating. This is a way of indicating the strength of the pole. It is important to get a flagpole that is strong enough for your area of the country.

Commercial grade outrigger flagpoles

These are short flagpoles which you mount on a wall, preferably just below the roof of the building. These flagpoles are ideal for placing at the entrance of buildings, particularly hotels and high rise offices. They are also made of aluminum and can be anodized in the colors mentioned above.

Fiberglass Flagpoles

These are suitable for people and businesses which are situated in humid climates, such as those around the ocean and lakes. These poles are cost-effective since they are cheap to manufacture and also last longer in these climatic conditions. Metallic poles have to be coated with protective powder when placed in humid conditions, and this coat eventually wears off and exposes the metal to rust.

Telescopic flagpoles

These are poles with variable heights and are ideal for businesses and organizations which need to erect and remove the flags from time to time, without having to leave an empty forlorn pole without the flag. When you need to use the flag, you simply attach it to the pole and set the telescopic flagpole to the desired height. Once you are through, you can simply bring it down, and let the flagpole stay in a storage formation.

There are many more varieties of flagpoles for sale, and you simply have to decide which ones will suit your budget and purpose. You can now proudly proclaim what you stand for by using any of the flagpoles available.

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