Food for Thought: What We Can Do for Our Veterans

October 23, 2018 2 min read

Sometimes we forget the true meaning behind the Veterans Day; it becomes another holiday, a day off from school and work for us. But not doing something for our veterans will be a disservice to the years of sacrifices they have made for us.

They gave up their present to make our futures better and doing something for them in return is a small price to pay for their years of hard work. It is important to cherish and help our veterans not just on Veterans Day but every other day as well. We can do that by helping them out in any little way we can.

Here are a few ways you can do a good deed and an act of kindness for your veterans.

Drive a Veteran to Their Doctor’s Appointment 

Many old veterans are either disabled or seriously infirm and need to make several visits to the hospital to maintain their health. You can help out an ill veteran who has trouble making it to their doctor’s appointment by offering to drive them there. You can also volunteer at the Department of Veterans Affairs Transportation Network who provide medical facilities to veterans.

Train a Service Dog 

A large number of veterans either suffer from physical ailments as a result of war injuries or post-traumatic stress disorder. Service dogs can provide physical and emotional companionship to suffering veterans. Unfortunately, it takes $30,000 and a lot of effort to train one dog. You can volunteer for financial donation or you can become a weekend puppy raiser to help service dogs learn how to interact and socialize with different people.

Help Veterans with Job Training 

For a veteran, transitioning back from war to civilian life can understandably be a difficult process. As a result, several veterans have trouble finding job and end up homeless. You can help a veteran with job training by teaching them interview skills, helping them make their resumes, and more so that they are able to make a post-military career.

Help Build a House for a Veteran 

Organizations like Building Homes for Heroes helps in the modification of homes of veterans who have been injured in the Afghanistan or Iraq war. These houses, once built, are offered mortgage-free to veterans. You can volunteer for services such as wiring, painting, plumbing, carpentry, or any other service you’re skilled at. And you can always donate financially.

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