Fun Activities To Do With Your Family this 4th of July

July 15, 2019 2 min read

Holidays are a time for you to wind down, relax and celebrate. It’s a special time—especially if you have kids in the house. Instead of wasting your holiday sitting behind the screens of your tablets and smartphones, use this opportunity to create memories with your children.

This 4th of July, show your kids a time they won’t ever forget! Use the day off to tell your kids what the 4th of July is really about, instill patriotism, share tales of heroism and develop traditions that can be carried on.

Check out these fun activities to do with your family this 4th of July:

Make Some Patriotic Food

No American holiday goes without food! So what if 4th of July doesn’t have a designated dish like Thanksgiving has turkey and Valentine’s Day has chocolate, you can prepare your own 4th of July foods that show off bright, red, blue and white colors of the flag!

This year if you’ve made plans to drive to the lake or go on a family picnic, take some patriotic food with you!

Make your kids red, white and blue ice popsicles. Spray some whipped cream into a bowl of red and blueberries. Make fruit kebabs with blueberries, strawberries and marshmallows.

You get the gist don’t you?

Pull out the Paint

Young kids love holiday crafts. Pull out the paint and ask your kids to create a token to mark the holiday.

Buy some white shirts, get some red, white and blue acrylic paint and tell your kids to go to town! Cut out a sponge in a star shape to help them out and see how creative they can be.

Share Stories of American Heroes

Ask each of your kids to find an American hero to discuss around dinner. They can do a quick Google search, collect facts and share them at the table. Ask them why they chose this specific person and what they like about the hero.

Create Your Own Traditions

Create your traditions on the 4th of July. Wake your family up at dawn to proudly hoist the American flag in front of the house to show your love for the country. When your kids ask you why you insist on waking up early to hoist the flag, take the opportunity to instill patriotism in them and what it means to be American.

You don’t have to give a speech, but just do enough for them to feel like they really celebrated 4th of July this year-round.

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