Get Noticed With Astounding Light Pole Banners

October 30, 2015 2 min read

Using light pole banners is a fantastic way to bring attention to your business or event, whether you are a car dealer, a school, a marketing manager for a MLB team, or an organization planning to hold a festival. These banners are ideal for catching the attention of drivers and also foot traffic. Their large size and colorful nature bring an atmosphere of excitement and expectation that drives people to respond to them.

If you are holding a sale at your car lot, you can have these banners set up around the lot, and also place them at strategic places in the town or city. Placing the banners around shopping malls ensures that you catch the attention of customers who are in the buying mood.

Light pole banners are made from durable commercial-grade vinyl and they are printed on both sides to catch the attention of people approaching from both sides. They have pole hems on the top and bottom so they are easily attached to the light pole on the street. The banners have a grommet at the bottom which reduces their flapping in the wind, ensuring that they last longer and that the message is easily read. The length of the banner can vary depending on your needs.

Single light pole banners

These are the banners which are placed on one side of a light pole. They are ideal for streets which have lighting on each side of the road. The banner is set in such a manner that it overhands the road or sidewalk and any driver will see it as he or she drives by.

Double light pole banners

These banners are ideal for placing on the dividers of a highway that has two different lanes. The banners are placed on each side of the pole using a single attachment. The attachment is strong enough to hold both banners. These are visible to drivers on both side of the highway. These can also be used on car lots or other parking lots to very good effect.

Light pole banners are easily visible during the day and also the night. During the night, the light from the pole illuminates the banners making them visible and readable.

For car dealerships that have a lot of light poles on their lots, these banners can have a very significant, positive impact on the image of the dealership. Take advantage of these innovative banners and send a clear message to prospective customers about the brands that you have or promotions you are offering, and you very well may see an increase in your sales.

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