Get your Customers’ Attention without Paying an Arm and a Leg

January 07, 2015 1 min read

You’re driving down the road and something catches your eye. Upon doing a double-take, you find that a store you have driven by millions of time has put up a new commercial flagpole and they’re flying a flag that has the word “SALE” on it. Bingo! This gives you a great idea for your business. You get online when you get into the office and search flagpoles and find There is a plethora of flags and flagpoles for indoor and outdoor. You've hit the jackpot.

Searching through, you find more than a dozen commercial flagpoles and aren’t quite sure which one would work for your land, so you call and talk with a sales consultant. They are very informative, showing you the map and help you through the steps to find the right flagpole. After you get off the phone, you continue searching the site and find flags for all occasions to help drive business during sales and events at great prices. There are also cause flags so you can show your support for different causes you support. You also find a few sail banners that would work perfectly alongside with the new flagpole and American flag you’ll be flying.

Fast forward a few months, your sales have increased because you've increased your visibility using the flags and changing them out often, depending on what sales you have going on. You’re so thankful that you found the help you needed from that you email them and tell them how their flags helped boost business for the low cost of flags, rather than paying high advertising fees.

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