Hoisting, Lowering and Disposing Off Flags: The Right Way to Do It

August 31, 2018 2 min read

Anyone who has love and respect for their nation and what it stands for will also extend the same to the symbol of the nation – in other words the nation’s flag. For us Americans, that would be the Star-Spangled Banner! 

Those of you who currently own American flags or those of you who are required to handle them might have already heard about the U.S. Flag Code which clearly elaborates on how to handle the American flag in various situations.

Making Things Clear 

For those of you looking to jog your memory a little; we’re going to elaborate on a little information regarding etiquette when hoisting, lowering and disposing off (when the time comes) your American flags!


When hoisting the American flag, the first thing to remember is not to do so in a crude or rushed fashion. The hoisting or raising of the flag is meant to be done in an extremely composed and ceremonious way.

Another thing worth mentioning here is that when a flag is required to be flown at half mast, there is a correct way to go about it. That involves raising the banner all the way to the peak, again slowly as well as ceremoniously as anytime and then proceeding to bring it slowly down to the half mast mark.


Lowering the flag needs to be done with as much dignity as the hoisting. If the lowered flag requires storage, it should be carefully removed and folded properly. It should then be stored safely in a place where it cannot be wither damaged or soiled.

Disposing Off 

Last but not least, there are instances when a flag might have to be disposed off or retired. These would include if the flag is worn to a point of serious damage, stained in a visible manner or simply faded due to years and years of good use among other instances.

In any case, a flag that can no longer take mast is meant to be disposed of in a respectable manner. The prescribed way to do this is by folding the flag in a proper manner and retiring by burning it in a ceremonious fashion. Some even suggest reciting the pledge of alliance while doing so.

Bottom Line 

It is most important to remember that as a symbol of your country, your flag deserves your utmost care and respect till the day it is time to retire it.

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