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Flags are a physical extension and symbolic representation of a state. They symbolize everything about a state: its people, values, ideologies, culture and history, and so on. And the military consists of people who are sworn in to protect exactly these things: the people, the values, the culture and history. It’s no wonder that the military holds flags in such high esteem.

The military in the United States is no different.

On the Uniforms

If you haven’t already noticed, most military uniforms from all over the world look a little similar. They might be slightly different colors, but they’re mostly built and designed the same way. One of the ways the military does away with this confusion is by including uniform patches. These flag patches are worn even when a soldier is in their camouflage wear.

And how this patch is worn is also quite interesting. The military believes that the flag should be displayed on a uniform in pretty much the same way as it would be in real life. The flag is thus backward on the uniform, with the blue starry section being its highest point. This makes it look like the flag is flying when a soldier moves, with their arm serving as a mast or a pole.

Military Flags

The military also uses a number of other flags in addition to the state flag. These flags are used to identify different levels of the military, such as the garrison, the sectors, the military post, etc. Other flags, such as the storm flag is flown when there’s a storm around, the field flag is flown when a guest of importance is around, and distinguished flags are flown to mark distinguished officers.

Burial Flags

There is no separation from the flag when you’re in the military. It’s with you when you’re alive and fighting for the country, and it’s with you when tragedy strikes. This goes specifically when a soldier is martyred in the line of duty. He is draped in the flag, and is buried that way, as a lasting reminder of everything that he fought for. These fallen soldiers are honored even as they’re being lowered into their graves. The internment flag is also used in funerals to honor fallen soldiers.

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