October 15, 2019 3 min read

Just because it’s no longer Veterans Day or Memorial Day, doesn’t mean you can’t display your flag. The best thing about the Star-Spangled Banner is that it can be displayed throughout the year.

But when it comes to displaying the American flag properly, remember that there are certain rules that must be followed. This is because the flag isn’t just the pride of our nation; it’s an important emblem of our ideals, culture, beliefs, and history.

So, if you’re planning to start New Year’s by displaying the beautiful American flag, here are a couple of unique ideas to make the most of it:

The Flag Planter Display

If you have veterans in your family that will be joining you for dinner and celebrations, you can display pocket-sized flags at the dinner table.

Place them in a wooden basket and decorate the basket with a ribbon, or just leave it as it is. It’s a simple way of saying “thank you” to the veterans of your family and also a great way to celebrate the holidays with them.

After the dinner is over, you can hand everyone a flag of their own as a gift. Make sure to give them the flag with a small gift to show how much you appreciate them coming over for dinner.

Doorframe Banner

Another way to display your love for the American flag is to stick pocket-sized flags to the doorway of your home. You can stick them above the door.

If that’s not something you want to do, you can also display miniature flags on your porch’s stairs. If you don’t want to display small flags, you can display a big or medium-sized flag on the porch.

On Your Bicycle’s Basket

If you love cycling early in the morning and during evenings, you can put a small flag on your bike’s basket. Go around town, displaying your love for our great nation.

If you have kids, you can add the flag to their bikes too. This will instill a sense of pride in them. It will also help teach them to love the flag and our great nation.

Another thing you can do is paint your bike the color of the Star-Spangled Banner. You’re not displaying the flag, but nothing says you’re proud to be American than paying tribute to the American flag.

Get a Picture Framed for Your Living Room

In addition to getting a flag for your home, you can also get a picture of the flag framed. You can display it in the living room or dining room of your home.

This will show your love for the flag. Whenever you have guests over, you can have dinner with the flag in the background.

Place it on Your Desk

Get a small-sized flag for your desk or study table. You display it next to your computer, on it, or near the stationery holder. That way, when you get to work or study, you’ll have the flag in sight.

You can even gift small-sized flags to all your coworkers so they can display them on their workstations. It’s a sweet gesture and shows that you respect and appreciate your fellow Americans.

Create a Separate Flag Area in Your Study

If you’ve got your own study, you can create a small appreciation area for the American flag. You can display flags of all sizes. You can get them framed as well, and you can even place a large flag near your indoor plants.

In Conclusion

These are just a couple of ways you can display the American flag in your home and show your appreciation for it. If you have other ideas that you’d like to add to the list, feel free to comment them below!

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