International Flags: 4 Unique And Bizarre Flags From Around The World

September 10, 2019 2 min read

A country’s flag is it’s most respected, revered and important symbol. Generally, the flag and how it is designed reflects history, culture or the values the country holds up.

Where most national flags feature things like geometric figures, symbols or colors that represent an important part of the culture or values that the country upholds, some countries have taken it to a whole new level.

From displaying a naked man decapitating another man to guns, rifles, and machetes, in the following are some of the most bizarre flags from all around the world.


The national flag of Bhutan features two colors: yellow and red, with a gem-holding dragon in the middle.

While the dragon is an important symbol in many Asian countries, Bhutan is one of the countries that designed their flag to pay tribute to their special symbol.

The dragon on Bhutan’s flag represents Druk, which is the Bhutanese dragon of thunder. The dragon picture holds a jewel called Norbu. The yellow in the flag represents the civil traditions of the country while the red part signifies the Buddhist spiritualism.


The flag of Kyrgyzstan may look like it has a tennis ball drawn on it, but what it really is, is the sun that is crossed by two sets of three lines. This figure represents the crown of the traditional Kyrgyz portable dwelling structure called yurt.

Around the sun, are forty rays that look pretty similar to each other, that tradition says, represent the forty Kyrgyz tribes that were brought together by the hero Manas, to stand against the Mongols.


Most flags feature designs and motifs that are easy to interpret, or at least, easy to understand, the figure on this country’s flag, is a little bit more complicated.

At the center of the flag is the mestizo and the black woodcutters with their tools. The men are circled with leaves of the mahogany tree. This symbolism is hard to wrap your head around but it represents the logging industry that is an important part of Belize’s economy.

Isle Of Man

Tucked neatly between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland, Isle Of Man is a self-governing British crown dependency, that is known for having the most unusual national flag. The flag shows three legs in gold spurs that are joint together and put in the middle of a red backdrop.

History suggests that this symbol was used by the ancient nations of the Mycenaeans and the Lycians hundreds of years ago but what it represents is still unknown.

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