Keep Your Outdoor Flags in Great Shape All Year-Round

May 17, 2019 2 min read

Picture a colorfully bright American flag flying freely outside your home; a true sight to behold. While many Americans take immense pride in displaying the U.S. banner outside their homes, not a lot of us keep flag care in mind.

Since an outdoor flag is more exposed to the natural elements, it’s more prone to wear and tear. Your flag’s longevity depends upon how you take care of it. Not only that; displaying a damaged flag outside your house can be a grave violation of proper flag etiquettes.

So how can you make sure your outdoor flag stays in great shape around the clock? Read on. 

Choose the Right Flag Material

Since a flag is made of cloth, it’s bound to deteriorate and get worn out eventually. But choosing the right flag material can make sure your outdoor flag lasts as long as possible. When it comes to choosing a material for a flag, the debate remains. Should you choose a lightweight material that flutters freely in a breeze? Or should you choose a heavy, durable material that can withstand strong weather conditions?

Majority of the outdoor flags are either built of nylon or polyester as they’re both tensile enough to stand strong winds. Nylon is relatively lightweight but durable. Polyester is very resilient and suitable for strong winds, snow, and rain.

Watch the Weather

Being displayed outside, your outdoor flag will constantly have to brave the elements. Water, whether in the form of rain or snow, can be your outdoor flag’s biggest enemy. Always keep an eye out for the weather conditions; if it’s extremely windy or if there’s a prediction for heavy rainfall or snow, bring your flag inside. This will improve its life expectancy.

As for sunny weather, while the flag will look glorious in the sunlight, it can eventually make the colors fade away. Make sure you’re protecting your flag from extreme sun exposure.

Cleaning Your Outdoor Flag

Constant exposure to the elements can wear out your outdoor flag, plus a dirty or soiled American flag is a big sign of disrespect. If you have a nylon or polyester flag, hand wash it with mild detergent. Never machine-wash your flag as that’s too harsh and can cause the flag to lose its shape and color.

Rotate Two Flags

Ideally, you should have two flags in rotation. Keeping two flags in rotation will not only individually increase each flag’s lifespan, it will also mean you’ll have a flag flying outside your home at all times. Having two flags at hand will also allow you to keep a closer eye for signs of any damage.

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