Promotional Marketing Supplies Every Car Dealership Needs

August 26, 2019 2 min read

As a new auto repair shop in Georgia, you’re probably wondering how you can attract customers. The competition is tough and it’ll keep getting tougher.

You need a strategy that can attract the right customers. You need a strategy that’s great, effective, and grabs the attention of your target audience.

You’ve already tried posters, flyers, and even posted ads on forums online. But you also want to offer something to customers that come into your shop.

And that’s where promotional marketing supplies steal the spotlight.

Here are marketing supplies every auto shop needs to attract the right customers:


Key-rings may be small but they’re powerful marketing tools. Give away free key-rings to first-time customers. With your brand’s name and logo on the key-rings, your customers will automatically remember your shop every time they grab their keys.

And when they offer a ride to coworkers or loved ones, a nice key-ring is bound to attract attention!

Car Chargers

The average American spends at least 159 hours being stuck in traffic every year. That’s 19 full workdays!

You can offer first-time customers free car chargers that’ll come in handy during emergencies. If they frequently travel to other states, having a car charger goes a long way.

Make sure to get your auto shop’s logo printed on the car charger, so your customers remember you every time they use it.


Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are also a great way to promote your brand. More than 250 million Americans admitted to using air freshener in 2018.

You can choose to give your customers a spray bottle, diffusers, or the traditional ones that can be hung on mirrors. And because air fresheners don’t last forever, your customers might just keep coming back for more!

Car Organizer

Who doesn’t need a car organizer? Gift your first-time customers a car organizer with your auto shop’s logo printed on it.

This will also help build your brand’s reputation. They can store supplies in the organizer and will remember to keep coming back to your shop for the supplies.

Gift them the U.S. Flag

It goes without saying that there’s nothing more valuable than the American-Flags! After all, it represents our culture, beliefs, and values.

Gift your customers a flag for their car to build a relationship with them.

And the best place to get 100 percent nylon flags is right here, at Federal Flags! So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to browse through our collection before you place an order!

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