Some Exciting and Energetic Car Dealer Supplies for Your Dealership

October 27, 2015 2 min read

You may remember, as a kid, growing up in your neighborhood, the pride that you felt when you first drove home in your father’s new car, as other children watched enviously.

At the time, you can remember going to the dealership and gazing in amazement at the huge, colorful flags that adorned the lot, and feeling thrilled at the expectant atmosphere that was in the air; a few cups of coffee and your father talking excitedly with the salesperson, and then you were off in the new car, after your dad paid off the car. The flags were made and supplied by a notable car dealer supplier.

There are many ways in which a car dealer can brand a business, but one of the most popular, and eye-catching, methods is using flags. There is a wide array of flags available and below are some of them.

Fence Fabric

This is a unique and captivating method of branding your car dealership supplies company. This is a huge banner that is draped around a fence surrounding the dealership. On the banner, you can have images of the cars and any advertising message that you may want to pass on to your prospective customers.

The fabric is made of polyester so it does not tear in the wind, or when passersby touch it. The images are printed using fade-resistant inks, so the message stays strong for a long period of time. The fabric is made to measure, so you can customize it according to the size of your lot.

Pennant Strings

If you go to a car dealership, you will find beautiful pennants hanging on strings that have been pulled tight over the vehicles. The pennants blow fervently in the wind, catching the eye of any passerby. This is a low-cost way of getting the attention that you need. Pennants also bring about a festive mood which is crucial in making people excited about buying a new car. They are made of polyester and properly secured around the string so they are not blown away by strong winds. They are marvelous for printing the logos of the vehicles that you have in stock.

Car Lot Balloons

There is nothing more attractive than balloons blowing in the wind; car dealer supplies offer car lot balloons at affordable prices. The balloons are made of vinyl and attached to a flexible balloon stem. The base is made of aluminum for strength and a fiberglass base for stability.

The entire assembly reaches an amazing height of 8 feet in the air, ensuring that every potential customer gets a clear and proper look at the balloons. The balloon sets are easy to put up, and you do not need expensive helium gas, since the plastic poles provide all the support that they need. You simply blow them up using a pump, and they are ready to be displayed.

Auto dealer supplies have lots of products and accessories that you can use to advertise your business, so visit one now and start marketing your business effectively.

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