Spruce up your Car Dealership with New Flags

January 15, 2015 2 min read

The winter is harsh on the material flags are made of, while some flags are more durable than others, it’s important to change out the flags often to keep them looking their very best. After all, great looking flags can improve the first impression a customer has of your car dealership. Not all flags are created equally. You have purchased flags that have heavy-duty nylon and reinforced grommets for hanging, along with reinforced fly-end so they will last in the wind. However, you are looking at some ways to help them last longer. Here are some tips to help you prolong the flags you fly on your lot.

Don’t hang a flag on a pole with rust and hardware in disrepair. It will catch the flag and tear it, leaving the flag looking old and ruined.

Clean your flags often. Don’t leave the pollutants from the air and weather be left on your flags for too long. Dirt can contribute to tears in the fabric. They can be laundered on the gentle cycle. Check the flag before washing and hem any frayed or torn areas otherwise they will worsen in the washer.

When you can, take the flag inside during windy, rainy and snowy days. This will help keep the flag from being damaged by the weather.

Don’t fold or store the flags wet or damp. Always make sure it is hung to dry, out of the weather before folding or rolling. Mildew will cause the flag material to deteriorate and weaken.

Keep your car dealership looking nice and replace the flags when they are in disrepair. Buy your replacement flags for your car dealership at federalflags.com. We carry all different sizes and types of flags for car dealerships, including by car brand to individualize your lot from others for customers.

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