March 24, 2022 2 min read

Not all flagpoles are the same. They come in different styles, materials, and heights. Depending on where you plan to place your flagpole, you may want more specific features. Learn the differences between the different types of flagpoles and consider them as you shop.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

If you plan to place your flagpole outdoors, you’ll need a sturdy material that’ll hold up to all weather conditions. Meanwhile, indoor flagpoles are smaller and can accommodate various ornaments. Instead of placing the pole into the ground as you would outdoors, you can enjoy the convenience of a stand flagpole with a lovely golden base.

Residential vs. Commercial

The flagpole you get to stand outside your house should be different than the one that you place outside your office building. Check your city’s rules and regulations to confirm that you can install a flagpole outside your home. Standard aluminum poles and telescopic models are perfect for residential use.

Meanwhile, commercial flagpoles are taller and sturdier. They’re perfect for companies that want to fly their state’s flag along with the stars and stripes. Our flags and flagpoles for sale will help you express pride in your state and country.

External vs. Internal Halyard

The halyard is the system that raises and lowers your flag. Rope or stainless steel cable generally make up the halyard. An external halyard system places that rope or cable on the outside of the flagpole. This makes it easy to hoist and lower with a pulley at the top of the pole.

An internal halyard system keeps the rope or cable on the inside of the pole. This arrangement gives it a more streamlined look on the outside. It’s more secure and is a popular option for commercial purposes.

Whether you’re looking to fly a flag outside your home or in front of your commercial building, Federal Flags has options for you. Our residential and commercial flagpoles will last. Consider the differences between the different types of flagpoles as you select the perfect one.

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