The Dos and Don’ts of US Flag Etiquettes

November 24, 2018 3 min read

Ever since the US national flag has made its debut into the socio-political arena, the sanctity of it is protected under the federal flag code.

What this charter of US flag rights documented became the standard of propriety of behavior in presence of and interaction with the flag. All rules stress upon the fact that the flag must not be treated as an inanimate thing; rather as a living thing breathing with the life of the national honor.

This official document has also listed certain dos and don’ts of flag etiquettes that must be followed in order to maintain decorum in the national community and offer the honored flag the reverence it deserves.

Here are some things that need to be taken care of when in presence or possession of the US national flag.

  • Rise And Fall Of The Glorious
  • Cherish The Moment In Every Heart Beat
  • Memories Of The Memorial
  • United We Fly
  • Bow To No One

Rise And Fall Of The Glorious

The flag must be hoisted “briskly” and lowered gently but “ceremoniously” in order to pay due respect to the act and the entity that embodies the country’s honor and loyalty. Hoisting of the flag must be done in day light. If the occasion demands that the flag remains raised during night hours, the location must remain in light at all times until the flag is lowered.

Cherish The Moment In Every Heart Beat

It is commanded by the code of flag etiquettes that while the flag is being raised, every citizen present must face it in an attention position with their right palm placed smartly on the heart.

Military personnel wearing uniforms must offer the flag their military salute. Any religious headdress worn by men should be taken off using the right hand which must be kept on the left shoulder with the hand over the heart.

Memories Of The Memorial

Rules for Memorial Day proceedings state that the flag must be hoisted mid-staff until noon after which it must be raised to the full height.

Raising and lowering of the flag must be carried forward keeping in mind the proper instructions. For mid-length display, flag must first reach the top and then lowered half way or all the way down for final lowering.

United We Fly

When the US national flag is flown along with flags of other states from around the world, care must be taken to ensure that they have approximately the same dimensions and are hoisted on flagpoles the same height as ours. These rules apply of course for times of peace.

Bow To No One

The standards of respect defined by the code of flag etiquettes demand that the flag not be lowered or bowed in front of any person or thing. The act of dipping is a sign of weakness and servitude. Care should also be taken in placing the union up on the top left because turned upside down, it gives a signal of distress or threat to life or property.

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