The Many Forms of Flag Display: How the American Flag is Used

September 04, 2018 2 min read

The American flag is a symbol of love, a symbol of honor, a symbol of values and principles and of course a symbol representing the millions of people living in the U.S. of A!

As a general rule of thumb, the American flag is hoisted at day break and under normal circumstances kept at full mast till sunset. In some cases however, if the area is well illuminated, it is also okay to keep your flag up for the whole twenty four hours in a day!

The Many Forms of Flag Display

We’re going to use this blog to elaborate on the many different ways that the American flag is and can be displayed!

The Basics

If you’re putting your stars and stripes up on a wall or window, you may do so both horizontally as well as vertically. Regardless of how you do this, just keep in mind that the union or blue bit needs to be to the left of those who look at it!

It is also important to remember that no other colors should be displayed or flown at the same level of the US flag. This is particularly so in U.S. territories!

When in Company

There may be times when you are required to display your American flag along with others. During these times, it is important to make sure that the US flag is always at the peak. Further the first flag to be hoisted is the American flag. This is also the last flag to be lowered in all cases.


There are certain days where it is disrespectful to be flying an American flag at full mast. At the same time, flag bearers and owners must remember that even when hoisting a flag halfway, it is important to hoist the flag all the way up before lowering/adjusting it to half-mast. This process should be repeated even when lowering i.e. all the way up before taking it down.

Days like Patriot Day and Pear Harbor Day are some of the few where half-mast flag flying is required. At the same time, there may be other days where state heads might request half-mast out of respect for an individual or local event.


Possibly one of the most heart breaking (yet arguably proud) uses of a flag is when one is placed over a casket for someone who has given their lives in service. In such situations, it is important to make sure that the union in this case is in the direction of the head of the deceased. It is also necessary to place this over the left side of the deceased or martyred persons shoulder.


Above are some important forms of flag display and details about them. There are other things too that hold relevance such as flag size in comparison to others displayed that you could learn about.

What is most important though is that you invest in the best quality American flag you can because those stars and stripes represent you! If you’re looking to buy an American or state flag online, you’ve got us!



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