The Peachy State Flag of Georgia

May 22, 2019 2 min read


The state flag of Georgia, officially known as the Stars and Bars, has a somewhat controversial history behind it. Changed numerous times, the Georgian state flag went through a lot to bore the design it does today.

The current state flag of Georgia features a design with three stripes and a blue-colored canton in the upper left corner. The red, blue, and white flag colors are reminiscent of the national flag.

The primary motif on the Georgian flag is the golden Georgian coat of arms. This is encircled by a ring of 13 white stars. Detailing the rich 200-year-old history of Georgia, the state flag has become a beloved symbol.

Read on to see how the flag came to be what it is today.

The History behind the Georgian Flag

Over the years, the state flag of Georgia has gone through design changes quite a few times. When compared to some of the other state flags, the current Georgian flag is still fairly new. Officially adopted on the 8th of May, 2003, the current state flag of Georgia is actually based on design versions dating as far back as 1879.

The original state flag of Georgia was actually introduced at the end of the Civil War, when the state seceded from the Union. Required by the new laws, the state senator at that time, Herman H. Perry, had a state flag designed for the military units stationed outside of the state. The design featured Georgia’s coat of arms in gold in a field of blue. This design was changed more than seven times in the following years.

Designed by the WWII veteran, John Sammons Bell, the 1956 design featured a prominent Confederate symbol, supporting outright segregation. But as the years passed by, the flag continued to garner increasing controversy. It was then dismantled in 2001 by Governor Roy Barnes and a new design was created by Cecil Alexander.

The Barnes Flag

Colloquially termed after the state governor who commissioned it, the 2001 version of the state flag featured a State of Georgia seal in gold and miniature versions of the previous flag designs on a banner beneath it.

This design was a massive flop and the next governor, Sonny Perdue, ran a poll in which the state citizens could pick from a few design options. The final Stars and Bars version was adopted as the state flag in 2003.

The Symbolism and Meaning behind It

The Georgian state flag is rich with symbolism. The state’s coat of arm features three pillars and an arch. These symbolize the state’s constitution and the three branches of the state government.

The motto of the state, “Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation” ribbons around the pillar. It also has the official national motto, “In God We Trust,” emblazoned beneath the coat of arms. The circle of the 13 white stars represents the original thirteen colonies.

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