Three P’s of a Successfully Installed Residential Flagpole

May 17, 2016 2 min read

Setting up a residential flagpole is easy if you know how. But even before the technical stuff, homeowners need to be reminded of a few things people tend to take for granted. You might already know this, but you’ll be surprised that you’ve forgotten some of them:

  • Proper Planning. Proper planning is the key to a beautifully set up residential flag pole. You need to consider a variety of factors such as the location of the flagpole, what materials you will need to do the setting up, as well as other logistical requirements (i.e. permits, etc.). That way, you can be certain that the rest of the installation process is smooth and can be finished in no time.
  • Proper Purchase. It’s important to choose the right kind of residential flagpole for your home. Just like in the planning phase, there are so many factors to consider. Some of the basic questions include:
  • Proper Purpose. Why are you putting up a flag in front of your home or backyard? If it’s to put up the American flag, then you’ll obviously be raising that flag. If it’s to rise up some other kind of flag, may it be that of a state or something else, and then you’ll be getting those instead. And because residential flags are set on a more or less permanent basis, you’ll want the material of your flags to be of good quality since they have to withstand the outdoor elements.


  • What type of material will the flagpole be made of?
  • What is the model of the flagpole? Is it simple? Does it have a telescoping body?
  • How tall should the flagpole be?

The flagpole that you will purchase is actually going to depend on what you’ve planned in step 1. Make sure that your choice of residential flagpole is going to coincide with what you had planned. If you settle for something different, things might not work out right. Go for dealers that have a variety of flagpoles to choose from.

Always check with your state laws before putting up a project for a residential flagpole in your home. There might be some laws and regulations that you have to comply with, and it’s important that you do. Just keep the three P’s in mind and you’ll soon be the proud owner of a residential flagpole that’s firmly standing in your own home.

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