US States with Birthdays in May, and the Symbolism of Their Flags

April 24, 2018 2 min read

Four states of the modern-day United States have their birthdays in May - Minnesota, South Carolina, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin. The oldest amongst them is South Carolina that appeared on the map in 1788. Each of the flags has a story to tell as you can see below:

South Carolina Flag

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It was in 1861 when South Carolina adopted its crescent-bearing flag in the year 1861. It bears a blue color field that matches the color of the State’s Army during the times of early revolution. The Silver crescent represents the silver emblem that was worn by California state troops during the liberation from the British colonial rule.

The state tree of Florida ‘Inodes Palmetto’ depicted on the flag symbolizes the defeat of British forces at Fort Moultrie which was constructed using palmetto logs. This tree has also appeared on the ‘Great Seal' of South Carolina and the 50-state quarter coin of South Carolina State.

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There is an anchor in the center of the flag of Rhode Island.The thirteen golden stars, which depict the original thirteen colonies that formed the United States, also surround the anchor symbol. The ribbon below the anchor represents the state’s motto which is ‘Hope.'

One can trace the history of this motto back to the early seal adopted by the colony which had an anchor and the word ‘hope' depicted on top. The use of this seal was probably inspired by the biblical phrase which states ‘hope we have as an anchor of the soul’.

Wisconsin Flag

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The Wisconsin State flag consists of a blue field which includes the state motto on the top of a shield that says ‘forward.' Below the motto is the state animal, badger. On right and left of the seal are a miner and a sailor showing that the people of the state work on land and at sea. The four sections of the shield depict the core industries in the state of Wisconsin which includes mining, manufacturing, navigation, and agriculture.

On the lower side of the shield sit cornucopia and a pile of lead that represent farm products and minerals. The latest version of the flag after getting some amendments in 1979 includes the name of the state and the date it came into being.

Minnesota Flag

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Minnesota flag consists of a royal blue field with the State seal displayed at the center. 1957 was the reviewing year for the flag after which it includes three dates woven into the wreath surrounding the seal which depicts the year of statehood (1858), the year in which Fort Snelling established (1819) and the year when the original flag was adopted (1893).

Nineteen stars surround the outside of the wreath indicating that Minnesota was the 19th state to join the United States of America. The state motto on the seal is written in French which translates to ‘The star of the North’ symbolizing the state of Minnesota.


All US state flags depict a unique story about its freedom, identity and how it contributes to the whole economy of the United States. While celebrating the upcoming State birthdays, be sure to fly your flag and show your pride of being a part of one of the magnificent states of America.

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