Ways to Showcase Your American Pride

April 01, 2019 2 min read

There’s a lot to love about the American flag: its bold red stripes signify valor and courage, its shining blue backdrop against the stars represents justice and vigilance, and its striking white stands for all the purity and innocence in the land. Coming from a history that is long lasting and rich, the flag, although having faced many variations throughout the years, has a special place in people’s hearts. It is displayed proudly on the Fourth of July, the 14th of June, and on all other major occasions. For the common American, it is through the flag that love and reverence is displayed for the country—the message, albeit silent, is quite strong and reverberating.

When it comes to displaying the flag, however, one is at a loss—is sticking up the flag the only way in which you can showcase your national pride?

We have some creative ideas to send your way.

A Bouquet of Flaglets!

One of our favorite displays is a bouquet that makes for a great centerpiece at your yearly Fourth of July backyard barbecue parties. We suggest getting a bunch of petite, tiny flaglets, a basket, and a block of Thermopylae. Adjust the Thermoplyae inside the basket, and arrange the flaglets on it. Use shorter poles/sticks for the flaglets at the outskirts, and longer sticks as you move towards the center. Complement the decoration with a selection of red, white, and blue flowers.

Porch Pride

Use the eaves at your porch to tie lengths of blue, red, and white cloth that are tied neatly at the bases, making for an eye-catching display of the national colors.

Flag Frame

If your door (and house exterior as a plus) is white, get custom banners made, small in size, and arrange them around your doorway to make for a stars and stripes frame. You can use a staple gun for the job or drill holes if you really feel like it.


Semi-circles are an ever popular display and are commonly sighted when the 4th of July nears. Use two to three big ones on your porch or go many and tiny to make for a dainty decoration.

Crepe Paper

If you’re tight on budget, go with paper. Crepe paper is pocket-friendly, and very easy to manipulate (although very dainty and needs extreme care!). Use lengths of crepe paper to make buntings out of crepe paper colored red, blue, and white. You can use these buntings anywhere you please around the house or outside!


Use a length of string for a simpler décor outside your house: using glue, attach small flaglets to the string and tie the string in a slight concave from one end of your porch to the other. Simple, elegant, and eye-caching, this idea involves little work but looks amazing!

Get Your Order of the US Flag Down Today

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