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We see flags nearly everywhere; states, countries, and even townships have them. But what is the purpose behind using a flag? Groups have used this important piece of fabric for centuries to signal different things. Sometimes, they signify individualism, but other times, they represent another message. Continue reading to learn more about the different purposes for using flags.

Historic Reasons 

Sometimes, a flag's symbolic value stems from its history. The Founding Fathers choose red, white, and blue for the American flag because of what the colors represent. This is just one of the many surprising facts about the American flag that many people don’t realize.

Throughout history, Americans have displayed the flag both on holidays and during national times of mourning.

Symbolic Value

Each country or group has a different flag. The symbols or colors on said flag hold various purposes. For instance, some European flags have the Christian cross on them because of historical ties to the religion. Even the way you fly the flag symbolizes something. A flag flown at half-mast means something different than one flown up high.

Flags often represent countries, religious groups, and more, so the individuals associated with each group value their flag greatly. Sometimes, the flag also symbolizes freedom or justice. Regardless of what the flag stands for, its purpose lies in the symbols it upholds for the people who live under it.

Representation for All  

Representation is one of the most common reasons for flags. Flags can represent all sorts of things, depending on the group of people who associate with them. A company flag may hold a logo, but a state flag may depict a state animal or reflect the culture of the state. Most importantly, a flag reflects and represents the people who fly it.

Many historians believe people created flags during wartime so soldiers could recognize their side from the opposing side. Today, flags still hold that same meaning. Those who fly the same flag see one another as being part of the same team.

Flags aren’t just used by countries or states, either; religious groups, military branches, and even the Olympics have flags. Each one symbolizes something different, and unity is among the most important symbols that each flag represents.

The next time someone asks you, "What is the purpose behind using a flag?" remind them of its historic and symbolic value. A flag is a specific group's way of signifying who they are.

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