What Makes for a Timeless Flag Design?

May 21, 2019 2 min read

A national flag personifies its whole nation. A flag is a visual representation of the values and history of the people and nation it represents. Deeply mired in meaningful symbolism, flags are also quite diverse in design. With a wide variety of colors, symbols, motifs, patterns, imagery, and other design elements at the flag maker’s disposal, the options are truly endless.

However, the challenging part of designing a flag is ensuring that it stands the test of time and maintains longevity. Whether it’s designing a national flag, a state flag, a sports team flag, or any other custom flag, there are a few factors that must be kept in mind to create a timeless design.

Listed below are a few facets that make for an iconic flag design.

The Design Should Be Simple

Some of the most classic flags in history are beautiful in their simplicity. Flags that feature a lot of detailed imagery, intricate designs, complicated symbols, too many colors and words won’t be that memorable.

Flags that have a lot going on and that are considered busy from a visual perspective aren’t immediately recognizable. A simply designed flag, on the other hand, will be easy to identify. The United States flag is one such example. Simply featuring stars and stripes, the design is so recognizable that it has gone on to become shorthand for the national flag.

It Must Feature Meaningful Imagery

What the flag features is just as important. The symbols and imagery on the flag should ideally mean and represent something. For example, on the American flag, each star is representative of the 50 states of the nation. Similarly, each stripe is representative of the original colonies that declared their independence from Great Britain and united to become a separate country. The flag represents our history which is why it’s so meaningful for us.

It Should Only Have a Few Colors

Ideally, a well-designed flag only has a few colors at play. A kaleidoscope of colors can end up becoming too confusing. The most popular and timeless flags are those that only incorporate two or three colors into the mix. These colors can go on to become representative of the nation, as is the case with our flag.

Simple Script

The majority of timeless flags don’t have any script or lettering in its design. Too many words on the flag can make for a complicated design and no one can read the text from a distance. If there is lettering included in the design, it should be simple and easy to read, with no overly stylistic fonts.

It Should Feel Familiar and Distinct

A good flag design is one that instantly reminds you of home. A timeless flag should have both, a recognizable distinctness to it, as well as a comforting familiarity. A flag should be able to communicate the values it stands for and the people it represents.

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