What You Never Do With Your American Flag!

September 03, 2018 2 min read

As with anything that symbolizes a country like a flag does, there are rules and regulations that go along. For the many living in the U.S., you might be wondering if there are any such ethics relating our own American flag. Yes there are! There is in fact an entire code of ethics you could go through about how to respect, care for, handle and maintain your flag.

For now however, we’re going to keep things simple!

What You Never Do with your American Flag!

We’re going to elaborate on certain things relating to when and how not to fly your flag as well as to treatment of the same.

Please note that where some of the things listed here are simply not in good taste and frowned upon, some might actually be illegal or at least were once.

Upside Down

You never ever fly a flag with the union portion pointing downwards. This is only ever to be done in a dire situation where lives might be at stake. In any other case this is not to be done.


You are not to drag the flag on the ground. It is considered extremely disrespectful. A flag is either meant to be flown on mast or carried respectfully.


You don’t use the flag for play of any kind. This means no tug-of-war, no holding it as a trampoline or fall breaker (unless in an emergency situation) and generally not using a flag for entertainment purposes.


This one is probably the most commonly ignored but having the flag on merchandise is not in good taste. One reason behind this is; merchandise gets worn, used and eventually disposed off. This is not always done in the most respectable fashion.

As we all know, the countries banner warrants a little more respect!


If you do drop a flag by mistake, as accidents may happen, no need to beat yourself up about it. At the same time, flag etiquette does strictly dictate that; your flag should never ever touch the ground. Dropping a flag on the ground or being careless about it is something that should be avoided.

It is especially problematic if a flag is dropped during some kind of ceremony or procession where it is in public view.

Winding Down

If you go over the points above carefully, one thing that seems to be common is the requirement for care. If you respect the flags in your care you’re probably not one to make any of the mistakes above in any case!

If you’re looking to replace an old flag with a new one, we’ve got some of the best American country and state flags available for sale online! Till next time folks!


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