When to Fly your Colors and When not to!

August 30, 2018 2 min read

Many of us own flags and take pride in flying them. We could be diplomats, restaurant and store owners, coaches or simply family folk who just draw a little joy out of seeing our Star-Spangled Banner fly!  

In an ideal world, every day would be a great day to fly your starts and stripes however in the world we live in, there are times when it is better to lower our colors if only out of respect for another. We’re going to get into this a little!

When to Fly Your Colors and When Not To! 

We’re going to tell you a few times when flying that American flag is highly recommended and others when it isn’t! Please note some of these pointers are also mentioned in the U.S. Flag Code!

Bad Weather 

It is not a good idea to fly your flag in bad weather. If nothing else this is basic flag maintenance. If the weather is rainy or particularly unpleasant, best put that banner by!

Until Sunset


Big Days 

Public holidays and special occasions associated with joy, positivity and happiness warrant that you make it a point to fly your American flag on high! Look into the list of days on your public holiday list. Those which are noted in celebration are the ones you fly your flag on!

Any Given Day

Unless of course you have been requested by your government not to, flying your flag on any given day of the week if the weather allows it is quite alright! 

Days of Mourning or Regret 

There are however some days like Pearl Harbor and Patriot day where you do not fly your flag full mast. On days like these, you’re required to bring your banners down to half mast in respect for those whose lives were lost and in contempt of atrocities committed.

Winding Down 

There you have it folks! By the look of it, for the most part, you’re good to fly that flag! Those of you looking for high quality American flags should swing back to our site. We manufacture some of the best American flags in the market available for sale online! Till next time folks! 

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