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Patriotism is important, as it encourages you to support your country. One of the best ways to show patriotism is to buy and fly an American flag. There are many flag codes to keep in mind, and an important one involves not flying your flag at night unless it’s completely illuminated. Here are some helpful tips for properly lighting a flagpole.

Choose the Right Fixtures

You want to light your flag appropriately, so you might wonder what type of lights to use. We recommend in-grade lights or spotlights. If you need to install the fixtures on turf, in-grade is generally the best choice. You can mount American flags with poles and copper or brass spotlights with ground stakes.

Pick the Right Location

Where will you put your flagpole? You need to illuminate the pole and the flag, so you must ensure the light fixture illuminates the pole and that light is as close to the ground as possible. Ensure the fixture is mounted on or up to one foot from the flagpole. If you have more than one fixture, align them at reasonable distances from the pole.

Decide How Bright It Should Be

Your flag and flagpole should be the brightest parts of your illuminated landscape. Because of the fabric and color of the American flag, it usually requires bright lights to illuminate, as it absorbs a lot of light. Ensure you get LED bulbs that give off at least 300 lumens, if not more.

Determine How Narrow the Beam Should Be

Focus as much light on the flag as possible with a narrow beam spread. That said, it has to illuminate the flag fully. It also needs to encompass the flag completely and outward of a radius that’s the same feet around it. So, if you have a seven-foot flag, the radius should encompass seven feet.

Get the Best Quality

When you love something, you take care of it. You should have the same attitude about your flag. If you want to light your flagpole properly, you’ll need the best quality light fixtures, so ensure you get the best brand name. If you want quality flag poles and flagpole lights, we have you covered at Federal Flags! Shop Federal Flags today!