December 21, 2020 2 min read

America is not only a country but a union of fifty states, as well. You may even see yourself as a Texan, Minnesotan, or Californian first and an American second. We all share American patriotism, but that doesn’t stop us from looking for some bragging rights over our neighboring states, too. Whether you’re a born-and-raised native or a recent transplant who has fallen in love with a new state, you deserve some outlets for those bragging rights. Here are some of the best ways to show your state pride at home and on the road.

Fly State Flags

If you already have a flagpole flying the American flag, you can supplement the Stars and Stripes with your home state’s flag. U.S. state flags often have some very interesting and eye-catching designs of their own. Maryland’s flag honors its founding families’ standards with a striking blend of red, yellow, black, and white. The indigenous-inspired flag of New Mexico features a simple but memorable southwestern sun design. And there’s no mistaking California’s flag with its trademark grizzly bear. Remember, when flying a state flag, it should always fly beneath the national one.

Wear State School Apparel

Whether you’re a metalworker in Milwaukee or a dairy farmer in Rhinelander, love for the University of Wisconsin and their Badgers brings the whole state together. The same holds true across many of our fifty states—though when it comes to rivalries like the University of Michigan versus Michigan State, some folks may beg to differ. College sports are big business, and there’s plenty of merchandise to choose from, whether you attended that school or not. Show your state pride with T-shirts, hats, and hoodies bearing the name of your state’s flagship university. This will allow you to bring some North Carolina blue, Texas burnt orange, or Oregon neon green with you everywhere you go.

Home Décor

A well-appointed man cave can make a little room for a display of state pride, and you don’t even have to live in the state capital to pursue it. If you can get your hands on some old license plates, you can put together a nice conversation piece on the wall featuring the evolution of your state’s plates. For people who don’t want their flags to get weathered, you can frame and mount your state flag for an accent of vivid color on the wall—especially if you’re showing pride in Arizona, Maryland, or Colorado. The same goes for sports uniforms from the flagship school. State-themed décor can be one of the best ways to show your state pride by doing a little bit of everything.


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I purchased this flag for my husband to fly in our front yard. It is well-made and viewable from both sides. We love it!


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25ft 137MPH

Order was placed and pole arrived very quickly despite delays due to Covid. Install process was straight forward and easy to understand. Pole looks great in its new location. Very good customer service.

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Just got it up. Seems to be great.

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Have not stood up yet. A few other projects in front of standing it up. Hardware looks well made. Top Cover was bent but we were able to fix to original condition. Would like the opportunity to review after it is erected. If all goes well i will be purchasing two more for the property. Thanks for the persistence, i believe it will be a great addition to our place.