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Like other national flags, the American flag symbolizes the country and its national values. And there are many surprising facts about the American flag that you probably didn’t learn in school. Take a deep dive into history and expand your knowledge on the flag with these facts!

There Were Many Versions of the Flag

Many people know the current flag isn’t the flag the country always knew. But what you may not know is that over the years, there have been 27 different versions of the US flag. The stars represent the states, so as new states joined the Union, the number of stars also changed. Something interesting to note is that the version we use today has been the longest-lasting version—it has gone unchanged for 50 years!

Every Color in the Flag Has a Purpose

The Founding Fathers didn’t decide that red, white, and blue made the perfect color scheme because of aesthetics. Rather, these colors represent important values:

  • Red: Stands for courage
  • White: Symbolizes purity
  • Blue: Represents perseverance

All three colors represent the values for which the Founding Fathers and other members of the new nation fought, so it only made sense that the flag reflected those values.

There’s a Flag Code

US Flag Code states that the flag shouldn’t touch the ground, and while this is true, you don’t have to destroy a flag because it touches the ground. But if it gets dirty, you should properly clean it before flying it again. Flag Code also states that the flag should fly high on the flagpole, though there are some exceptions when it may fly at half-staff. For example, during a national tragedy, flying the flag at half-staff represents a state of mourning.

Another thing to note is that you can fly your flag all day and night, so long as you shine a spotlight on it after dusk to keep it illuminated.

Betsy Ross May Not Have Created the First American Flag

Most people believe that Betsy Ross created the first US flag after George Washington made a special request. But we don’t have proof of this occurring. It’s possible that Betsy Ross didn’t sew the first flag, specifically because the tale of her flag didn’t spread until 100 years after its creation.

There Are Six American Flags on the Moon

Many of us have seen famous photos of Neil Armstrong standing beside an American flag on the moon during the first moon landing. However, what you may not know is that this isn’t the only flag standing on the moon! Currently, there are six American flags on the moon.

There are countless surprising facts about the American flag—these are just some of the most interesting. If you’re looking for a new commercial or residential American flag, Federal Flags has flags and flagpoles for sale, so shop with us and find what you need. Fly your flag high and share these fascinating flag facts!

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