Texas Flags, Lone Star Stands for Loyalty, Purity, and Bravery

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The official state of Texas Flag is rectangular in shape with a white star in blue background on the left, and a white and red horizontal stripe on the right. The state of Texas flag is also called the Lone Star Flag because it features the iconic single star on the left side of the flag.


The Texas Flag is sometimes called the "Lone Star Flag" and the state itself is also sometimes called the "The Lone Star State". The flag first came into existence on December 28th, 1938 to the Congress of the Republic of Texas and was adopted as the national flag for the Republic of Texas in 1839.

The Texas state flag has been rated second best in design quality out of 72 Canadian Provincial, US State and US Territory flags ranking. You can see three colors in the Texas Flags. Blue stands for loyalty, red stands for bravery and white stands for purity. You will also notice a single lone star which represents the entire state of Texas as one for the unity as one for God.

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