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Having an American flag is a great way to demonstrate your patriotism, but one flag doesn’t last forever. If you have or want to get an American flag, you should know how long it lasts before needing replacement. Read on to learn what the average lifespan of an American flag is.

What’s the Lifespan?

Let’s cut to the chase. Most flags last around 90 days. This figure is cut in half when it’s hoisted 24 hours a day in all sorts of weather. This means that if you want to increase the average lifespan of an American flag, you should only fly it when climate conditions are clear. Ultimately, the lifespan of your flag is in your hands, but most flags aren’t meant to last more than five months.

Factors That Influence Its Lifespan

Many factors influence your flag’s lifespan, but one of the most important is its durability. As with everything, a high-quality, durable flag will last longer than a cheaper flag.

Another factor is inclement weather. If you fly your flag during heavy rain or wind, you’ll decrease the lifespan of your flag. We should also note that repairing your flag’s damage from poor weather works, but this won’t be a permanent fix.

How Do You Care for It?

There are many ways to care for the flag, but following flag codes is the best way. Flag codes are federal mandates governing how you treat your flag, but it also preserves your flag’s lifespan. The mandates include not allowing the flag to touch the ground or fly during inclement weather.

Additionally, make sure you wash and dry your flag thoroughly if it experiences rough weather. You don’t want to store it when wet, or it can become moldy. Handwash your flag with a mild detergent and let it dry completely before putting it away.

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