American Flag Flying Etiquette and Flag Flying Days


Over two centuries ago the thirteen colonies in this land united under a single flag of 13 stars and 13 stripes. As time passed, one star for each of the 50 states was added to form the current blue, 50-star field that flies high on flagpoles all across our country. Every year on specific dates the flag of the United States is flown from sunrise to sunset marking them as the flag flying days.


American Flag Flying Etiquette

The United States Flag should be raised briskly and should be lowered ceremoniously. Hoisting a flag outdoors should be avoided in inclement weather. While displaying the flag vertically or horizontally on the wall, the union (the blue star field) is to be positioned on its own right (left to the viewer) or north, respectively. When setting the American flag on half-mast – it should be raised to the highest point before being lowered to half-mast. At day’s end, you should hoist the flag all the way to the top before lowering it towards the day end. Knowing and practicing proper flag flying etiquette is one way showing one’s patriotism.


Specific Flag Flying days

January 1

New Year’s Day

Commemorates the first day of the year on modern Gregorian Calendar.

January 16

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday

The birth day of Martin Luther King Jr. observed on 3rd Monday of each year.

February 12

Lincoln’s Birthday

Observed on the birthday anniversary of Abraham Lincoln.

February 20

Washington’s Birthday and President’s Day

Birthday of the first President of the United States, George Washington.

March 29

National Vietnam War Veterans Day

Celebrates the sacrifices of war veterans and their families during the Vietnam War.

April 6

Army Day

The day is celebrated as the entry date of the United States Army into World War I.

April 13

Birthday of Thomas Jefferson

Being one of the founding fathers of America, Thomas Jefferson played a key role in drafting the ‘Declaration of Independence’.

April 14

Pan America

The date commemorates the first American States conference which concluded on this day in 1890.

April 16

Easter Sunday

Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the Dead.

May 1

Loyalty Day

The day set aside to reaffirm the Nation’s loyalty to the United States and to celebrate the American Heritage of freedom.

May 14

Mother’s Day

The day is observed to celebrate the role of mothers and how their maternal bonds shape our society.

May 15

Peace Officers Memorial

Americans observe this day to pay tribute to nationwide peace officers who have given tremendous sacrifices in the line of duty.

Third Saturday of May

Armed Forces Day

This day gives us a chance to show our support towards men and women who make up the United States Armed forces community.

May 22

National Maritime

Observed to recognize the efforts of maritime industry; this day allows the American people to celebrate the achievements of the men and women of this field.

Last Monday of May

Memorial Day

Observed as a federal holiday in the United States, the day commemorates the valor and bravery of the people who died serving the United States Armed forces.

June 14

Flag Day

The day commemorates the adoption of US flag on June 14th, 1777. On this day many celebrate the ‘Birthday’ of US flag.

Third Sunday of June

Father’s Day

The day celebrates Fatherhood and the influence of paternal bonds on our society.

July 4

Independence Day

A Federal Holiday in the United States, this day commemorates the ’declaration of Independence’ which was approved by Congress on 4th of July, 1776.

July 27

Korean War Veterans Day

National day to commemorate the Canadian veterans of the Korean War.

August 19

National Aviation Day

The day celebrates the history and advancements in the United States Aviation Industry. The date coincides with the birthday of one of Wrights brothers who made significant contributions to this field.

First Monday of September

Labor Day

Declared as the Public holiday in the United States, the day celebrates the role of American Labor force in strengthening the US economy.

September 11

Patriot Day

The day is observed in the United States to honor those who lost their lives in the September 11 attacks that occurred in 2001.

September 17

Constitution Day

The day commemorates the adoption of U.S. Constitution and those who have gained U.S. citizenship.

September 24

Gold Star Mothers Day

Observed in the honor of those who have lost their son or daughter while serving the US Armed forces.

October 8

Firefighters Memorial Day

The day designated to honor volunteer and career fallen fire fighters.

October 9

Columbus Day

Celebrates the day Christopher Columbus arrived in 1942.

October 27

Navy Day

The day is observed to celebrate the naval forces of the United States.

November 11

Veterans Day

The day honors the military veterans who have served the United States armed forces.

November 23

Thanksgiving Day

The day started as a day to give thanks for the blessing of harvest and to give thanks for the preceding year.

December 7

National Pearl   Harbor Remembrance

The day is observed in the honor of 2,403 US Citizens who died in the surprise attack by Japanese army on Pearl Harbor.

December 25

Christmas Day

Celebrated by millions of people around the globe, Christmas day celebrates the birthday of Jesus Christ.

All election days, state birthdays & holidays along with any other days designed by the President or the governor of the state.


The calendar is filled with US holidays and events to celebrate the honor and heritage of this land of the free. Let’s celebrate the spirit and history of our nation and pay particular attention to flag flying etiquette on all flag flying days.