Code Flags

Federal Flags allows you to use the convenience of internet technology to order any type of flags you desire, if this is what you have been looking for when you arrived at our website. We are the top rated supplier that are able to make flags for any occasions, from code flags to military flags, from custom made flags to car dealership flags, plus many more as you can see from the categories on our website. We also have different lengths and types of flag poles available, from short wall mount poles to telescopic flag poles. Our flags are manufactured from the highest quality materials, and you can order them in different sizes, shapes, and printed designs. We know we will be adding you to our lists of dozens of satisfied clients that have ordered their code flags and any other flags they needed.


Code flags are used for signaling by sailors to convey messages between boats or to indicate statuses. Code flags are also used at airports, sporting events, in the military, and a variety of other purposes where you need to spell out a message. Federal Flags can provide you with the full selection of international code flags you need in their different sizes, all quality manufactured from the best materials and printed with superior quality inks. We can also make customized flags in any sizes, military flags, country flags, car dealership flags, and business logos flags and banners to suit your needs, all available at excellent value for money.


Have a look at the different code flags you need, and we will make them for you and if you like, we can manufacture ISO certification flags that can be proudly displayed by businesses that meet these high standards. To find out more about the code flags have a look at the nautical flags we have available and order the entire collection or those you need. You may find it greater value to order the entire set of code flags or if you like, let us know which ones you need for replacements. Our flags are made from UV resistant materials so they are durable and long lasting, and the nylon materials also have great salt spray resistance for use in nautical ocean flags.


Our results-driven team of experts is dedicated to your complete satisfaction whether you order code flags or custom made flags for an awareness campaign. When you choose the flags you are interested in, use the drop down boxes to get the correct sizes, and for quantity orders you will find that you save even more money. Register a secure account and use flags for advertising and indication in code flags, or directional purposes flags that can be mounted on avenue poles. We even have a money back guarantee on the flags you order, which is yet to be taken advantage of, because we make sure that every flag we manufacture is perfect in every aspect.