Flag Pole

Flag pole: Choose one according to style and purpose of use Whether you are a hobbyist flag collector or want to display just one flag on top of your home or office, you'll need the right kind of Flag pole to go with it. Flag poles come in various categories but can mainly be grouped as: " Commercial Flag poles " Residential Flag poles " Indoor Flag pole sets A commercial Flag pole can either be a telescopic flex pole or the regular external rope and cleat one. The latter one is the most popular in which the flag is raised and lowered with the help of a cleat system and a rope. This flag is the most affordable anywhere in the world but it's most vulnerable to theft as well! In the commercial Flag pole category, the telescopic flex pole is designed to sway in the wind. It is usually used by people with an open-air restaurant or just about any business establishment to attract attention. You can use one in your garden as well to put up the American Stars & Stripes. This kind of a flex pole is usually made with durable fiber glass.

A flex Flag pole always catches the attention of people in vehicles going by. It can also be ordered in varying finishes and colors.

When buying an external rope and cleat commercial Flag pole, you will have to keep two things in mind - the height of the pole and the pole's strength in reference to the wind speed. A good manufacturer of flags and Flag poles will be able to give you a proper chart to help you configure the product you should order.

You can buy a Flag pole from 20 feet in height at about $300 to poles going up to 70 ft for about $7,450. The best way to decide about the height of the Flag pole is to complement it with the size of the building nearby if you are putting one at ground level. Roof-top flags should not be put too high.

A commercial Flag pole usually comes in non-rusting aluminum with several mounting brackets so that you can adjust the flag to fly at different angles. In fact, you should look for these features when ordering your flag kit.

An aluminum telescoping Flag pole can be raised, lowered and removed very quickly which makes storing it considerably hassle-free. Look for one that has inbuilt security features so that the raising and lowering heights get locked once you set them. These poles do not require ropes or pulleys either and come in different finishes and colors.

There is also the sectional Flag pole that slides together and requires the least maintenance. It is one of the most popular items used with flags put up in homes.

There are several flag-kit manufacturers offering a huge range of flags and Flag poles via the Internet. But you must always choose to purchase from a site with a proper privacy policy and a return policy. Do check if the manufacturer will return a flag does not measure up to standards. You must also check the material used for each flag kit before placing your order. Some manufacturers let you buy a Flag pole and choose one flag for free!