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New Mexico Flag - Highest Quality Outdoor Nylon

  • A Superior Quality, State of New Mexico Flag
  • Crafted From SolarMaxTM Only By Dupont® Nylon for maximum fade resistance.
  • Heavy Duty, Canvas Header with Brass Grommets
  • Quadruple Stitched Fly End For Maximum Resistance Against Fraying
  • Unsurpassed Quality - You Can't Buy A Better Flag.
  • Made in USA
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    Symbolism of the New Mexico Flag

    The New Mexico Flag features the Zia Sun Symbol on a yellow background. The Zia are an indigenous tribe that now lives in the Zia Puebla reservation in New Mexico. 

    The sun symbol features four sets of four points coming out of a circle in the center. The number four is sacred to the Zia and it represents several common sets of four - the four directions of the compass, the four stages of the day, the four stages of life and the four qualities one must develop in life - a strong body, a clear mind, a pure spirit and a devotion to the welfare of others. 

    The New Mexico flag was officially introduced around 1920 and is a fitting symbol of the unique character and history of New Mexico.

    New Mexico Flag Construction

    Our New Mexico flag is constructed of SolarMax nylon by DuPont - the best flag nylon on the market. The yellow of the flag and the Zia Sun symbol are deep dyed into the fabric for maximum resistance to fading. The top and bottom edges feature a double row of stitching and the fly end features four rows of stitching as well as reinforcement at the corners. All of these features are designed to keep your New Mexico flag looking great for as long as possible.

    Wear Life

    We often hear customers ask how long their flag will last. And the answer depends entirely on how the flag is used. A flag hung indoors away from sun and wind will last indefinitely, especially a flag made of SolarMax nylon.

    When a flag is flown outdoors, weather conditions, air pollution and how long the flag is flown each day, become the dominant factors. A flag flown 24/7 in generally mild conditions can last as much as a year. A SolarMax nylon flag that is flown where there is frequent high wind, rain, intense sun, air pollutions or sand will have  a much shorter wear life - perhaps as long as a few months. Inexpensive printed polyester New Mexico flags, such as those sold on other sites, might only last a few weeks, under intense conditions.


    Like all of our products, we guarantee your satisfaction with your New Mexico flag. If you are not completely satisfied with it, you may return it to us in new condition for a full refund. If you have used your flag, but feel that it did not meet your expectations, we will consider refund or replacement on a case by case basis.

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