Aluminum Flash Collar for 3 in. Butt Diameter Commercial Flagpoles

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Very pleased with my flagpole and customer service. Well built, sturdy, flagpole. Exceeded my expectations.

Dan Loiselle
Awesome American Flag

The folks at Federal Flags were great to work with. I called them with questions and they were very knowledgeable. Received 25' pole and flag in perfect condition and installation was easy. I've also added 2 LED lights to make it look great at night. Thanks Federal Flag.

Roland Wicker
Flag Pole

The flag collar was well packaged and looks brilliant with our flag pole.

mayme miller
Aluminum Flash Collar for Flag Pole

Very pretty. Finish is nice.

Tom Kennerk
Great finished look!

The aluminum base was just the ticket for a clean look to my new flag pole. Love it, and highly recommend one.

Aluminum Flash Collar for 3 in. Butt Diameter Commercial Flagpoles

  • A high-quality, seamless, aluminum flash collar
  • For 3 inch diameter flagpoles
  • 12 inch outer diameter
  • Must be attached before flagpole is in the ground

Our one piece aluminum flash collar is a perfect finishing touch for your flagpole project. A flash collar is an aesthetic consideration that is not needed in all applications.

We recommend a flash collar for flagpoles installed in cement, grass or asphalt. For flagpoles installed in beds where they will be surrounded by gravel or large rocks, a flash collar may not be desired as it will sit on top of the rocks and could slant or look out of place.

For grass installations - the flash collar is purely aesthetic. If installed, it will keep grass from getting too close to your pole, making it easier to trim the grass without putting scratches on the flagpole.