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Learning about your flag is one way to show that you honor your country. Learn this flagpole terminology and start talking like an expert on the flag in no time.

Parts Of The Flagpole:

Flagpoles have several different parts: Halyard, Truck, Ornament, and Cleat. Learn what each of these terms mean below.


The flagpole is, of course, one of the easiest terms to learn. The flagpole, also called the flagstaff or mast, is the name for the pole that holds up the flag.


The halyard of a flagpole is the rope that holds up the flag. Internal halyards hide inside the flagpole, while external halyards are those that are visible on the flagpole.


The truck of the flagpole is the part at the top of an external halyard flagpole that holds the pulley for the halyard. Usually, the truck is at the very end of the flagpole, followed by the ornament or finial.


The ornament, or finial, of a flagpole is the decorative item at the top of a flagpole that acts as the finish of the pole. Many ornaments are a circular globe or sometimes a bald eagle.


The cleat on a flagpole is usually somewhere around the middle of the mast and attached with two screws. The halyard can sometimes be wrapped around the cleat to help keep the flag in place.

Parts Of The Flag:

Flags have several different parts: Hoist, Fly and Fly End, Canton, Field or Ground. Learn what each of these terms mean below.


The hoist is the section of the flag that holds it up and does not carry the design of the flag. Usually white in color, the hoist section of the flag contains the two grommets onto which the halyard clips via snap hooks.

Fly and Fly End

The fly is the name for the horizontal length of the flag, while the fly end is the part of the flag that waves the most in the wind.


The canton is the name for the blue section filled with stars on the American flag.

Field or Ground

The field or ground is the part of the American flag with thirteen red and white stripes.

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