Residential Flagpoles for Sale

Let our experts help you choose the right size for your new flagpole! Whether you’re seeking a residential flagpole for sale to put inside your home or a commercial flagpole for your business, we’ll make sure you get a pole that’s strong enough for your part of the country without over-spending.

How To Select the Correct Flagpole

When it comes to selecting the right residential flagpole for sale, you need to have the perfect height already in mind. First, you need to determine where the pole is going to be placed. Once you have decided on where, the next step is to ensure there is nothing around it, including trees, plants, bushes, shrubs, or anything that can steal away from its spotlight. Next, you want to make sure that the pole’s size is appropriate. It should not be too big or too small but should be relative and complementary to the size of your house. Typically, the standard height for residential poles is 20 feet; however, if you have a multi-story house, a 25 footer might present as a better option.

Flagpole Style 

Now that you’ve chosen the size and height, you can focus your attention on the style. You can select from a sectional flagpole or telescoping flagpole. The sectional flagpole has to be assembled from various parts, unlike the telescoping pole, which provides easier installation. Additionally, the telescoping flagpole provides an interlocking sleeve system for better support.

We have a variety of options available, from: ground-set, shoe base, tilt down, cantilever, internal halyard, external halyard etc. Additionally, we also offer wall-mounting and telescoping flagpoles for sale. 

All you have to do is give us a call, talk to our representative, and choose your residential flagpole set type and size! It’s easy to install and maintain.

In addition, we’re offering an overall five-year warranty on our premium quality aluminum flagpoles, and a lifetime warranty on the shafts!

If you’re looking for more information regarding our inventory of residential flagpoles for sale or warranties offered, contact us today!


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The Halloween Crew says Arrgh ... mighty nice Flag!

Thank you so much... could not set sail without our Flag!

Solar Flagpole Top Light
Harley Waters

not as bright as I would hope for, but still worth it hope you develop something brighter

Flag pole

Very pleased with pole and flag. Great customer service. A good company to deal with. Highly recommend.

Flagpole Spotlight

Excellent light! Illuminates the flag perfect at night. Love the dusk to dawn feature.

5x8 Texas Flag

The flag arrived on the date promised. It was packaged very well and the quality of materials can’t be beat. Vibrant colors and flies with the slightest breeze. I have it on a 25’ one piece aluminum flag pole that I also purchased from federal flags. Beautiful!