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Our soldiers are the true nobility of our country. They stand up for our rights, our freedom, beliefs, and our values. They fight on the frontlines to ensure our safety and our well-being.

But they’re not just soldiers. They’re also citizens—citizens of the highest order. They’re the reason we’re able to sleep peacefully at night, knowing that we’re safe; knowing that we have nothing to fear.

Soldiers make significant sacrifices to protect their country and its citizens. Displaying a flag in their honor is a way to recognize and express gratitude for their service, bravery, and dedication to the nation.

If you want to display the military flag to show appreciation for our soldiers, there are certain rules you must follow. As per the Federal Code of Conduct, anyone who wishes to display the American flag or military service flag must follow these rules:

1 - Display the American Flag First

If you plan to display both the American and military flag, know that you need to display the American flag first. As per the Federal Code, the American flag comes before the military one.

It should be displayed furthest to the left and the military flag should be displayed furthest to the right of the U.S. flag.

2 - Don’t Let the Flag Touch the Ground

The rule of thumb for displaying the military and U.S. flag is that the flag should not touch the ground. A military flag, like the American flag, should never touch the ground as a sign of respect, tradition, and proper flag etiquette.

In addition, it shouldn’t be displayed upside down.Displaying the military and U.S. flag upside down is only allowed when you want to send a distress signal. It is a way to communicate that there is a problem or an emergency, and help or assistance is needed.


close up shot of the american flag

3 - The Flag Should Be Displayed on Top of a Mast

The flag should be displayed on top of a mast. If you don’t have one, you need to invest in a flagpole. Placing a military flag or the American flag at the top of a mast or flagpole is a matter of tradition and flag etiquette that symbolizes respect and hierarchy.

The position of honor is typically the highest point on a mast or flagpole. Placing the national flag at the top demonstrates that it holds the highest significance and represents the entire nation.

As mentioned previously, don’t let the flag touch the ground. It’s considered disrespectful and goes against the Code of Conduct.

You can go through this article published by Courier Journal to learn more about the etiquette of displaying the American and military flag.

4 - Fly the Flag during Specific Holidays

In many countries, flying the national flag or military flags on holidays is a long-standing tradition. It is a way for people to connect with their cultural and historical roots, honor the sacrifices of military personnel, and celebrate the country's history and values.

You can fly the American flag almost any day of the year but when it comes to military flags, you need to fly them during specific holidays.

The days the military flag can be displayed are:

  • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day on December 7th.
  • Peace Officer's Memorial Day on May 15th.
  • Patriot Day on September 11th.
  • Memorial Day on the last Monday in May (but only until noon.)

5 - Flag Positioning

Hang the military service flag in a place of honor, such as a front window, on a porch, or in the front yard. Ensure that it is displayed prominently and is visible from the street or a common viewing area.

6 - Flag Orientation

Hang the flag vertically with the stars at the top and the blue field (canton) in the upper left corner (as viewed from the front). If you're displaying multiple flags, place the military service flag to the viewer's left, or furthest to the left as part of a group.

7 - Size of flag

The standard size for a military service flag is 8.5 by 14 inches. Larger flags can be used, but it's important to maintain the proportions.

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