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If you have a flag, it’s only natural you’ll want to outfit it according to your standards. Flagpole accessories are the perfect way to do this, and there are many different types of flagpole accessories to choose from. Whether you want a flagpole ball or an adjustable bracket after getting one of our many flags and flagpoles for sale, accessories always make a great touch and do wonders to make your flag your own. Read on to learn more about it.

Adjustable Bracket

Adjustable brackets are an excellent way to hoist your flag at different angles. According to flag codes, your flag has to be hoisted at all times. Adjusting your bracket upward is a great way to keep your flag hoisted off the ground. It also allows for a greater range of motion. If your flag is hoisted too high or too low, you won’t have to deal with it manually. You can adjust it to your standards with the bracket.

The Topper

A topper is a small ornament on top of a flagpole. It’s usually a ball, but you can choose from numerous ornaments, such as eagles, miniflags, and letters signifying the owner’s name. These different flagpole accessories aren’t exactly functional, but they are fun to incorporate. They allow you to fully embrace your sense of style, even when flying a flag.

Pole Light

Pole lights are useful for several reasons. First, they light up the flag at night, which follows flag codes. These codes dictate that you must keep your flag lit at night; pole lights can make this happen. Second, they draw attention to the flag so everyone can see it. If you’re interested in showing patriotism, the pole light can help you with this. Many are solar-powered, so they don’t require a change of batteries. The sun will charge them for you!

Flag accessories are great, but you need a flag first. At Federal Flags, we offer the best selection of flags and accessories that money can buy. Shop Federal Flags today for all your flag needs!