Flagpole Shoe Base

Our cast aluminum flagpole shoe bases are designed to be purchased in combination with one of ourcommercial aluminum flagpoles. When purchased with a flagpole, your flagpole base mount will be delivered already professionally welded to the pole. Flagpole will be fully installation-ready with no additional welding required.

When mounting a flagpole to a flat surface, the surface must be strong enough to withstand significant force which will be exerted by the flagpole during windy conditions. We recommend consulting an engineer prior to purchasing your flagpole base to verify that your proposed mounting surface (if other than a concrete pad) is strong enough to withstand this force.

WARNING:We do not recommend purchasing these shoe bases individually unless you or a contractor that you are hiring is experienced in welding aluminum. Improper installation could result in personal injury, death or significant damage to property and buildings.

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Armando is the “Best”! She provided great service! In fact it was a pleasure buying from Federal Flags! I have purchased two flag poles in the past 8 months and I can say it has been a pleasure dealing with your company. Amanda’s is a great asset to your customer service department.

3x5ft German Flag
Sehr gut

The flag has been flying almost two months now and looking great with a NJ and USA flag next to it.

Rare nautical flag

Exactly as described - great quality