Custom Printed Flags & Banners

Custom Printed Flags & Banners

Custom printed flags and banners from Federal Flags are a great way to add credibility and trust to your business. They'are one of the most affordable, yet impactful tools available to marketers today. Why? Because nothing has more immediate, direct impact on drive-by or foot traffic than custom printed flags or banners that communicate a marketing message.

Our custom printed flags and banners are manufactured to the highest standards of quality. They are made to last and to retain their beauty and effectiveness for months, or in some cases years.

Our custom banners are made from heavy, 13 oz vinyl and printed with ultraviolet resistant inks developed by DuPont specifically not to fade outdoors, even in direct, daily sunlight.

Our custom printed flags are also the highest quality on the market. Your custom printed flags will be manufactured in a state of the art facility. We use SolarMax nylon which is the best flag making nylon on the market. It is lightweight, beautiful and incredibly durable. Finishing touches include a quadruple stitched fly end for maximum resistance to fraying. Your design – which can be virtually anything you can design with programs like Adobe Illustrator – will be printed with fade resistant inks (also by DuPont) which will insure that they will look beautiful for many months.

How long will my custom printed banners and flags last?

When purchasing custom printed flags and banners, it’s important to have proper expectations about how long these items will last. With our heavy-duty, custom printed banners, you might easily get several years of service when they are displayed outdoors. The vinyl we use is incredibly strong and, as mentioned above, the inks are designed not to fade in sunlight. However after a few years, they might begin to fade. Generally, by this time, your company’s marketing messages may have changed somewhat or you may just want to refresh your message a bit. So wear life is almost never a concern with our vinyl banners.

Custom printed flags are a little different. By their very nature, custom printed flags must be printed on a lightweight fabric (so that it will fly when there is a breeze) and also so that the ink can penetrate all the way through the fabric, making the design visible from both sides. What this means in terms of wear life is that the flags will generally not last as long as banners when flown outside. We generally tell our customers to expect their flags to last 6 to 9 months. Wind, rain, and constant contact with the flag pole are all factors which will eventually cause a custom printed flag to begin to wear out. Luckily they are not all that expensive and, if you purchase several at a time, they are even less expensive.

Both our custom printed flags and our custom printed banners will last indefinitely when displayed indoors.

Let Federal Flags create stunning, high-quality, custom-printed flags & banners you'll be thrilled to display.