American Flag Trivia Quiz

Q1. How many times has the Flag of the United States changed in history?

Q2. When were the iconic Stars and stripes introduced to the American flag?

Q3. Who designed the current flag with 50 stars and 13 stripes?

Q4. Who placed the first US flag on the moon?

Q5. What do the red stripes symbolize on the US flag?

Q6. When was the first flag-day observed in the American history?

Q7. What do the white stripes indicate on the US flag?

Q8. What can you do if the Flag touches the ground and gets dirty?

Q9. Which state in the United States observes Holiday on the Flag Day?

Q10. How should the flag be flown at night?

Q11. When was the first time the flag was flown after being adopted?

Q12. The US flag has always had 13 stripes except when?

Q13. How many US flags are there on the moon?

Q14. What is the proper way to view the US flag?

Q15. Old glory was a nick name given to which US Flag?


Answer Key

Q1 Ans: 27 times

Q2 Ans: Congress officially incorporated the stars and stripes on the US flag on 14th June 1777. This day is celebrated every year in the United States as Flag Day.

Q3 Ans: The current flag was designed in 1958 by a seventeen year old high school student from Lancaster Ohio.

Q4 Ans: In July 1969 Neil Armstrong became the first man to place the US flag on the moon.

Q5 Ans: The red stripe symbolizes hardiness and valor.

Q6 Ans: The first flag-day was observed on 14th June 1885 when a young school teacher placed a 38-inch star flag in a bottle on his table and asked his students to write an essay on the importance of US flag.

Q7 Ans: White stripe symbolizes purity and innocence.

Q8 Ans: If the flag gets dirty you can wash and dry it and use the cleaned flag again.

Q9 Ans: Pennsylvania is the only state in the United States that observes holiday on the Flag Day.

Q10 Ans: When waving the flag at night you should make sure to put a light on it.

Q11 Ans: The flag was first flown in Rome, New York on Aug 3rd 1777.

Q12 Ans: After the addition of the states of Vermont and Kentucky in the United States, two more stripes were added to the flag totaling the number to 15. However, as more states continued to unite under the single banner it was decided to stick with 13 stripes symbolizing the original 13 colonies.

Q13 Ans: There are a total of 6 US flags on the moon of which 5 are standing while the first one hoisted by Neil Armstrong fell.

Q14 Ans: The proper way to view a US flag on parade or review is by facing the flag with your right hand placed over your heart.

Q15 Ans: Sea Captain William Driver was given a US flag by his mother and other women of his home time. Upon seeing it flying high on his ship’s mast he named the flag Old Glory.

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