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Federal Flags Quality And Service

Having ordered a 20' Flagpole and Flags, I have recived quality products and Great service from Federal Flag. My furture purchase of any product that Federal Flags sells, will be made with them.

Amazing Product and company

Awesome gorgeous sturdy flagpole. We got the bronze. Federal Flags sent detailed instructions and communicated throughout the process. It took my husband and I about a week to dig the hole and put the rock, sand and cement in. We had never tried something like this and was a little more time consuming than we initially thought, but we are both elderly so it took us a little longer.

We got it mostly straight!! LOL. My husband cut the rope too short and is fiddling around with it trying to get it lined up. So, lesson is: before you cut the rope, run the flag up the pole first and see where your hooks are, get it lined up and then cut it. He had to keep moving the swivel hooks so he had enough rope on one side. Very important since it is 15' tall and we don't have a ladder that tall if we have to restring it.

The hooks and hardware are nice and sturdy-no plastic. This should last a long time.

Quality product!

Great product

Received flag pole and flag in a timely manner. Upon inspection everything looks great. Have had to put it in proper storage due to other issues here but so far I think it’s going to be a wonderful addition to our church grounds.

Marine flag

Great flag,well made my Brother loved it...