California Flags

If you are looking for California Flags then check out website for the highest quality flags available on the internet. They have flags for all states in the USA, international flags, sports team flags, holiday and fun flags, breast cancer flags, car dealership flags and many other flags. They also offer custom made and custom design flags and banners in a variety of materials and sizes. No matter what the occasion or holiday, will have a flag in their inventory or can make a customer flag designed specifically for your needs.

The California Flags offered by are made from SolarMax Only by Dupont Nylon. These flags are made to withstand even the harshest conditions. They have brass grommets sewn within a canvas header to prevent tearing and ripping while flying this flag. They also quadruple stitch the flyend to provide maximum resistance to fraying and ripping. This flag is made to last and will retain its color throughout the worst weather conditions. offers their California Flags in three different sizes. They come in three feet by five feet, four feet by six feet, and five feet by eight feet. All their flags are priced reasonably and are high quality. This website provides detailed descriptions of the flags, sizes and prices for you to select the flag that will best fit your individual needs. And if you need a flag pole to fly your California Flags they also offer a selection of high quality flag poles for any size flag you select. These poles are also durable and made to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

California Flags are distinct from the flags of the other states in the USA. These flags are also referred to as the Bear Flag because they have the image of a bear on the flag. This bear flag was the result of the bear flag revolt in 1846. Today's California Flags are white with a wide red strip along the bottom of the flag. It touts a red start in the left hand corner with a grizzly bear facing left in the center. The bear is featured walking on a patch of green grass. The model used for the flag was a Californian Grizzly Bear held in captivity and named "Monarch". Although this bear and this species of the grizzly bear is now extinct the flag waves on with its image sharply embedded.

The California Flags have the wording "California Republic" at the bottom of the flag directly above the red strip at the bottom and below the grizzly bear. This was adopted when the Bear Flag Republic was a government proclaimed by settlers in 1846 before the Mexican-American War. Although this republic and its flag lasted less than a month the name remains on the modern California Flag of today. This is the flag that is offered by on their ecommerce website. If you are looking for a strong well-made good quality flag to fly then this is the place to purchase that flag.



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Great product

We ordered the 25ft commercial sectional flagpole and light topper for our lake association. The product arrived quickly and was packaged so as not to be damaged in transit. We followed the directions and the flag was being raised in no time!!! I would definitely recommend this flagpole, and solar light is REALLY bright!!!

Our pole didn’t come with a external halyard rope.

High-quality flagpole, outstanding customer service

This is a strong, beautiful flagpole. As another reviewer advised, do not underestimate the manpower needed to hoist this flagpole. Four strong persons are needed, and more would be better. The instructions for the foundation are well-written. I used approximately 1.5 cubic yards of concrete.
For reference of the pole:flag ratio, the 35' pole pictured here has (1) 5'x8' flag, and (2) 4'x6' flags, spaced 6" apart.

Large Flag and Pole

Still waiting for delivery. This flag pole has been paid in full and no
site of flag pole or flag.
We did receive the Eagle, but nothing else.
Not happy.
Was over 4000.00.

Where is our flag and flag pole?
I have called 2 times and each time they said it should be here at the
end of each week and that was 3 weeks ago.

Stan & Susan Vessey

Large Flag and Pole

We still have not received our flag and or flag pole.
We did receive the Eagle for the top, which is beautiful

We are wondering where are pole is?
I have paid for everything in full.

Stan & Susan Vessey